Business Intelligence

An organization's ability to gain insight into the vast amounts of transactional and operational data is invaluable in defining future strategy. Vedaham’s Business Intelligence (BI) services ensure that your organization is able to enhance it's effectiveness in decision-making, financial management, regulatory compliance, business performance and customer analytics.

Vedaham’s BI solutions provide past, current, and futuristic views of business operations. Our BI solutions provide insight at the executive level and drill down into details upto an employee or end-user level for understanding and pin-pointing the successes and/or glitches in performance.

We at Vedaham provide your company with access to real-time reporting needed to make informed and correct decisions and also to react to situations in real time. For highly demanding situations in financial markets, or emergency management, we provide real-time data analytics and reponse systems, before it's 'too late' to avert fraud or disasters.

Business Intelligence Applications we provide may include:

  • Business reporting
  • Online Analytical Processing
  • Dashboards
  • Scorecards
  • Data Mining applications
  • Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Our business intelligence capabilities go beyond traditional intelligence mined by working on data warehouses. Vedaham BI solutions offer a flexible presentation layer for the full breadth of our analytics capabilities, including statistical analysis, predictive analytics, data mining, near-term and long-term forecasting.