About Us

Vedaham was founded by software industry veterans committed to providing highest quality IT solutions.

We focus our efforts on three things, systems integration of complex business and information systems, deploying them on premise or leveraging resources from the 'cloud', and finally generating data from the integrated system to gather information on various parameters of interest to business, present intelligent information and insight into the business for enhanced functioning of the business.

Vedaham is a market leader in providing solutions for systems integration, application development, maintenance, support and management of the entire life cycle of IT applications and infrastructure for enterprises. At Vedaham we have the capability of ensuring that enterprise systems and applications are integrated in the most cost effective and competitive manner. With years of experience in the fields of telecom, high-technology, financial services, government, manufacturing, retail and consumer markets Vedaham can provide innovative, comprehensive, flexible and easy-to-use solutions tailored to the needs of organizations worldwide.

Our goal is to empower clients' with latest technologies and applications and ensure they meet their business needs. We provide value to our customers by innovation, trust and long-term relationship through our unique service portfolio and expertise.