Open Source Integration

Open source has matured to a stage where large enterprises and high-availability portal and internet sites regularly use it for running thier core business. Our open source integration capabilities leverage our standards-based integration frameworks ensuring that open source benefits can be realized without typical costs associated with integration.

Vedaham provides a platform that will quickly and reliably integrate your business processes and technologies, delivering immediate competitive advantage. We use and work with a handpicked group of world leading open source software providers to offer a range of powerful solutions that provide zero risk and robust functionality.

Organizations that require high quality, on-time and within budget enterprise applications and infrastructures, open source deployments from Vedaham offer an easy jump-starting process.

Vedaham has the experience and expertise to ensure your application will meet the desired requirements. Our open source solutions are effective in multiple areas of business environment.

We’ve often integrated open source applications with our own custom-built solutions as part of a single solution making things easier for the end user. Our support teams provide on-going maintenance support, and bug fixes as well and we bundle our life cycle services along with these integrations to provide industrial-grade support.